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908BL Special Type Double Wall



Nominal lengths: 270/300/350/400/450/500/550mm
Drawer side height: 84mm
Full extension
Easy assembling and dismantling
Integrated 3D front adjustment, quick installation and precise alignment
Loading: standard version up to 35kg (75lb), optional heavy duty version 50kg (110 lb)
Standard packing: 1 set per carton, optional bulk packing
Drawer material: steel with coating, options in stainless steel, and Aluminium


1.Smooth sliding and soft damping bring to effortiess closing
2.Modern design with large internal drawer space, and compatible drillings
3.Quick installation and dismantling makes life easy
4.Standard 35kg version is certified 60,000 life cycle: High durability options available
5.Optional new design with drawer tightly connected to slide for high safety requirement
6.Compatible drillings positions


Kitchen cabinet & furniture, living room furniture & bathroom furniture



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